Clear Waterproofing


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Clear Waterproofing

A fast drying, water clean up, environmentally friendly, multi-purpose clear waterproofing sealer. Wall2Wall 'Clear'may be applied as a stand alone clear sealer or top coated with elastomeric, latex, or oil based coatings. Resistant to mildew - contains agents which inhibit the growth of mildew on the surface of the sealer film, also resistant to acids and salts. Provides a tough and flexible clear waterproofing film with excellent scrub resistance and weather durability


You can visibly see the saturation and moisture absorbtion in the untreated stone, once frozen the moisture will expand and cause 'spalling' (face de-lamination)


Spalling Render

We use a Clear Acrylic Elastomeric Sealant designed to seal and protect a wide range of surfaces including wood homes, stone, brick, masonry and concrete, roofing materials and reflective roof coatings.
All white roof coatings start losing their reflectivity properties due to accumulated dirt and other contaminates. Until now clear protective coatings for elastomeric base coatings were not available due to their lack of flexibility which is necessary as roof coatings are designed to expand and contract with a roof's movement.
Our clear waterproofing is based on the same resins used in our insulating roof coatings and features the same elongation, expansion and contraction properties of those coatings.
The clear waterproofing also features outstanding adhesion to the applied surface, elongation and recovery capabilities, a combination of UV absorbers and mildewcides enabling it to resist the effects of the most severe climatic conditions.
Now all roof coatings can be protected from surface contamination enabling them to perform as intended by reflecting radiant heat away from the buildings interior.
This self cleaning clear coat works much the same way as the clear coatings designed and used on automobile finishes.

Guidelines for self application
'Clear waterproofing' is truly an all-purpose clear sealant and protectant, suitable for virtually any application.
Color: Milky White, dries clear.
Volume Solids: 41% ± 2%
Flash Point: Same as water.
Coverage: 150-200 sq.ft. per gallon depending on the porosity of the surface.
Recommended Coverage: The number of coats depends on surface porosity; however, one coat is all that is normally needed on a well sealed surface. Un-coated roof shakes or shingles require two full coats.
Min. Surface Application Temp.: 7.2ºC / 45ºF. Do not allow to freeze.
Drying Time: Will depend on climate conditions. Allow at least 2 hours drying time between coats. First coat must be thoroughly dry before applying second coat.
Limitations Not suitable for below grade use.
Surface Preparation Surface must be clean and free from dirt, dust, grease, oil, mildew, wax, loose paint. Roof Shingles should be sealed with #1220 Bond-it, our roof grade bonding/sealer for roofs to lock in loose granular minerals.
Application: Best applied by airless spraying or roller. If spraying, use a .x15 - .x19 tip and back-roll (finish with a roller) to assure an even film of coating. Areas that are too thick may dry unevenly.
Can be applied with a short nap roller cover.
Clean Up Cleanup immediately after use with soap and water.
Do not apply within two hours of sunset, rain, fog or freezing temperatures. All coatings must be completely dry before exposing to water or foot traffic. Keep all containers covered when not in use. Keep away from children.
For self application this product is available in 1 Gal and 5 Gal containers